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“¡Mi casa es su casa!” ‘My house is your house’

The Southwest is known for our warm welcomes and heartfelt hospitality! Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish has been extending this same warm welcome for over 140 year, since pioneer missionary, Fr. Antonio Jouvenceau, came to Tombstone, to minister to the need of those flocking into the area following the discovery of rich silver deposits!

Although the popular concept of Tombstone, largely shaped by Hollywood, portrays our community as centered in the bars and gambling dens of Allen Street and shadowed by violence, there is another and much more enduring story, of pioneer men, women and families, who sought to build a lasting community, founded on the values of the Gospel!

That is our story, and it is a story which continues to be written, not in historic re-enactments, but in the hearts and lives of people who call Tombstone home.

Our Parish is the “Mother Church” of Cochise County and has been instrumental in planting new parishes in the surrounding area.  We continue to be part of the global Mission of the Church, and have entered our third century filled with the joy and the hope of those who are experiencing new life in Christ!

We would cordially invite you to experience that new life with us, and to know that the One who extends the invitation, “My house is your house!” is, in fact, the Lord!


Looking forward to welcoming you!




all of the People of God at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish!


Did You Know...


...that beginning in October, communicants will be able to receive the Precious Blood?

The restrictions imposed during the pandemic are being lifted, and among the most important – apart from the lack of access to the Mass during the ‘lockdown’  – is the lifting of the prohibition of the reception of the Blood of Christ from the ‘shared chalice’!

There are several things to be kept in mind:

The doctrine of concomitance teaches that the whole Christ is present under each Eucharistic species. Christ is indivisible, so that His body cannot be separated from His blood, His human soul, His divine nature, and His divine personality. Consequently, Christ is wholly present in the Sacred Host and the Precious Blood. If you receive ‘only’ the Sacred Host, you receive the ‘whole Christ’: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. If you receive ‘only’ the Precious Blood, you receive the ‘whole Christ’: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity!

Reception by intinction, the ‘dipping’ of the Sacred Host into the Precious Blood, is reserved to the clergy, because it takes place on the altar, with the linens in place, to protect against accidental dripping. It is inappropriate for a communicant to receive the Sacred Host and carry it to a chalice and ‘self-communicate’ by intinction - dipping it into the Precious Blood.

(Where intinction is practiced – such as the Eastern Rites of the Church – only the Priest  administers the Sacred Host, which has been ‘intincted’, with the safeguards in place.)

In receiving the Precious Blood, it is appropriate to carefully take the chalice from the hands of the Deacon or Eucharistic Minister, and consume a sip of the Precious Blood, OR, tip the chalice to receive, with your hands on those of the Deacon or Eucharistic Minister holding the chalice.

When coming before the Precious Blood, whether to consume, or passing before on your way back to your pew, it is important to stop and bow, acknowledging the Precious Blood in a reverent manner. Genuflecting, when simply passing by the Precious Blood, is discouraged, because of the risk of tripping the person(s) behind you. A reverent bow is sufficient!

The Center for Disease Control has acknowledged that no instance of contagion being spread by the reception of Holy Communion from a ‘common cup’ has been recorded. The danger of contracting an illness from the shared chalice is extremely unlikely – the antibacterial properties of alcohol and precious metals are factors. It is always a matter of thoughtful regard for the well-being of other communicants to refrain from receiving the Precious Blood if one is feeling unwell – the same reason that one would remain home from Mass if not feeling well!



Mass Schedule
Wednesday  -  5:00 PM


Sunday - 10:00 AM 


Confessions are 1/2 hour before Mass 


Our Fiesta of Faith Celebration!


Celebrating the 142nd Anniversary of the Parish, (the oldest in Cochise County)

and the 75th Anniversary of the present church, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Tombstone,

held a “Fiesta of Faith” for the whole community, on Saturday, April 23rd!


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From Our Bishop


Most Reverend Edward. J. Weisenburger will celebrate the Annual Red Mass on Wednesday October 12, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at St. Augustine Cathedral. This annual tradition of holding a Mass for judges, attorneys, law school professors, and others working in the legal profession, dates to the opening of parliament in 13th century England. During the Mass, we pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit for all who seek justice, and we focus on the God-given power and responsibility of all those working in the legal profession. The event is celebrated in conjunction with the St. Thomas More Society of Southern Arizona and the Catholic Foundation. In recent years, we have recognized someone from the local legal profession and law enforcement to receive the St. Thomas More Society recognition. This year, Christopher Straub, Esq. will be honored posthumously. Each year the Society awards a scholarship in honor of the memory of the Honorable John M. Roll. All ae welcome to join us for this celebration! For information please contact the Diocese of Tucson Office of Worship, Ofelia James, 520-838-2545 or ojames@diocesetucson.org  





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